Guilford Yacht Club

Spend ALL seasons on the Sound

Only minutes to open water yet nestled in a beautifully protected cove with magnificent views of Long Island Sound , Chaffinch Island, nesting Osprey and Bald Eagles.

The Guilford Yacht Club is the perfect way to own your piece of waterfront paradise.

The purchase of a dockominium provides the discriminating owner with multiple potential benefits, including, but not limited to:

  • Building equity in a rapidly dwindling resource as demand continues to outstrip supply
  • Having an investment in waterfront property
  • Providing rental income when not in use

Your dockominium purchase includes one family membership per slip at the Guilford Yacht Club, this includes use of the amenities and facilities.

For purchases with multiple owners, ie. LLC or Partnerships, additional family memberships are required and may be obtained from the Guilford Yacht Club at an additional cost.

Slips are available for sale or rent either privately or through the Guilford Yacht Club Unit Owners Association.

Please reach out to Mark Andrews with additional questions. or 203-453-0070

Dockominium - Wikipedia › wiki › Dockominium

dockominium is the water-based version of a condominium; rather than owning an apartment in a building, one owns a boat slip on the water. The term is a portmanteau of "dock" and "condominium." ... Also, unit owners may use, rent, or sell their unit at any time, subject to association approval.

Below is a list of slips currently for sale:

 Slip Number LengthPrice           
 A - DOCK  
AN - 0336  36


AS - 2136 36$35,000.00
AS - 2544 44$69,000.00
B - DOCK   
BN - 103434$25,000.00
 BN - 1834 34


BS - 173838


BS - 2338  38$27,000.00 
C - DOCK   
CN - 0446  46$40,000.00 
CS - 023636$36,000.00
 CS - 033636 


CS - 2636 36 


 D - DOCK  
D - 0152 52 $70,000.00 

D - 0854 




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