Guilford Yacht Club

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Officers and Trustees for the Guilford Yacht Club

 Commodore, Michele Call, Vice Commodore (vacant) and Rear Commodore Karen Downer - Doyle

Our club is fortunate to have continuity in leadership from prior years with many board members continuing to serve in key roles.

The current “Flag” officers wish to thank these members for their ongoing commitment to the club.

2022 GYC “Club” Board

Commodore: Michele Call | Vice Commodore: Vacant  | Rear Commodore: Karen Downer- Doyle| Fleet Captain: Mark Allegrini
Treasurer: Allison Franks | Secretary: Joe Briganti | Members at Large: Jack Evans, Rebecca Edwards, Billy Rubin
Past Commodores: Patrick Doyle, Tom Davis, Peter Arentzen, Jeff Hutchins, Nathan Walk, Albert Kraus


Standing Committee Chairs

Junior Sailing: Rebecca Edwards | Pool: Michele Call| Racing: Mark Allegrini
 | Tennis: Billy Rubin | Book Club : Jan Brissette

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