George Thrall, Joe McGuinness, Sage Adams, and Herbert Newton formed the Guilford Yacht Club in July, 1954 and acquired the land on which the club sits from B.W. Bishop and Sons in October, 1957.

In 1959 club members built the first dock, which ran along the river and accommodated approximately 50 boats. A small clubhouse with picnic tables was built on the property,
providing a gathering place
for members.

During the 1960’s the Guilford Yacht Club began dredging to form a basin along the West River.

In 1976 an extensive dredging operation was conducted resulting in three docks that could accommodate up to 80 boats. GYC volunteers built the docks and floated them down the West River to the improved yacht club.

In the 1980’s the club undertook a massive construction program, which included removal of the rock outcropping that blocked the entrance of the West River.  A deep channel was dredged providing access to Long Island Sound. Large docks supported by steel pilings were constructed and dockominium units were sold to fund the development.

In the early 1990’s an economic recession forced the club’s developer into bankruptcy.  In 1993 the FDIC offered unsold slips for public auction. The Unit Owner’s Association was formed by the existing dockominium owners and the Association purchased these slips and adjacent property at auction.